Here is a list of pictures that I have scanned so far.

(Yes, I've got a scanner and I'm NOT afraid to use it.)

My cat, Arion (who no one seems to think is actually a cat)

My motorcycle, a 1984 Honda Sabre V45 (approximately 750cc)

This is one of my parent's business cards

Some of my friends:

Don, Mary, & Samantha

Kira, during her trip to China

Sean Kutzko - one of my friends (who may no longer be so when he finds this)

Some of my family:

Me (at age 2) with my mother taking a picture of me.

Me (at age 10) with Grandma Blick (now Childs) and her dog Chummy

Great Grandma Helja and Grandpa Childs (1974)

Great Grandma Helja (Grandma Blick/Child's mother) and me (at age 14)

Grandma Childs and me (at age 27)

Grandma and Grandpa Childs (from my father's second wedding)