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Hey!  My name is Wayne Louis Hoyenga.  I'm currently employed as a Systems Engineer for the NCSA.

I also work very part-time as a computer and network systems consultant.  If you're on this web site, that is what you might be most interested in.   If you care to see what it is I can do or have done, you might want to look at my resum. I also work for a start-up company called Green Agate.

My full time job is at NCSA and the work web page that I maintain can be found here.

I build computers to order and I help people and businesses with computer-related problems.  One of my favorite vendors of computer parts (or even full systems) is EP Computer.

Of course, if you actually want to get in contact with me, you might want to try to email me.

Otherwise you may try to call me.  I live in Urbana, Illinois and my phone number is (217) 367-4108.  I must warn you, however, I'm rarely home to accept calls and generally don't get in until late and so don't manage to return too many calls (because I have an aversion to calling people that late). I also have the "privacy manager" option available from the phone company which means that, if my caller-ID doesn't get your phone number, you are asked to record a name which it will then ring my phone and play for me (assuming that I'm home). If I'm at home and accept the call, then we'll talk. If I don't accept the call, you'll here some pre-recorded message (there is one specifically for telemarketers). If I'm not at home, you'll be connected to my answering machine.

My parents used to be professors at WIU.  They are now retired from teaching and have started another business.  Do you want to see their business card or my mother's business web page? My aunt, a computer graphics professional, also has a web page for her business.

All of my friends should be careful -- I'm starting to scan pictures.

If you use PGP, you can use my public PGP key.